APACHE200 1/4" Industrial Grade Carbide Drill Bit


  • Drills holes through ceramic wall tiles in seconds
  • Rated at 200 holes in ceramic wall tile
  • Industrial grade carbide cutting tool
  • No hammer drill required - this precision cutting drill does all the work
  • Engineered for standard and cordless drills
  • The 1/4" APACHE200™ is used for installing screws through wall tile and blocking. The APACHE200™ precision cutting tool drills fast and clean holes in wall tile and wallboard making installation of WINGITS®, World's Strongest Fasteners & Fixtures™ quick and easy to install.

    The APACHE does not require a pilot hole, never drifts during start-up or needs to be emptied after each use; place on your mark and pull the trigger. These carbide drill bits are rated 200 holes through ceramic wall tile and can also be used for marble, glass, steel, plaster and lathe.
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