PREMIUM™ Diamond Knurled Satin 1.5" Diameter Stainless Steel Grab Bar


xx = LENGTHS 12, 16, 18, 24, 30, 32, 36, 42, 48

  • Exceeds ADA guidelines and all building codes
  • Made of recycled 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel - 100% recyclable and sustainable
  • Snap on flange covers
  • Tubing has a true 90° bend allowing for a much tighter fit on the mounting flange
  • Slip resistant surface that repels dirt and bacteria
  • Rated up to 800 lbs.

WINGITS® Satin Knurled Grab Bars meet and exceed all building codes, ADA criteria and 2010 ADAAG and 2009 ANSI standards.The unique Diamond Knurling process provides superior slip resistance that repels dirt and bacteria.

They are available in standard lengths from 12" to 48" with a 1.5" diameter and are constructed from 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel with concealed flange covers. The 18-gauge (1.2mm) Stainless Steel tubing is heliarc welded to the mounting flange (2.5mm thick) forming a single structural unit.The tubing has a true 90° bend allowing for a much tighter fit on the mounting flange. The snap covers are 22 gauge (.8 mm) drawn stainless steel. Each flange has 5 mounting points - top and bottom holes are slotted allowing for speed installation with the WINGITS® Grab Bar Fastening System.
WINGITS® Satin Knurled Grab Bars come with stainless steel screws to install into structural blocking (reinforcement behind the wall). For Hollow Wall applications use WINGITS® Grab Bar Fastening System - World’s Strongest Fasteners.

Both WINGITS® GBW40 and RESGBW35 install in minutes. WINGITS® Fasteners become completely waterproof as they are tightened, even over grout lines.

For Ceramic Wall Tile or Marble, use the Apache200 Drill Bit to drill through the material easily with your cordless drill (rated up to 200 holes in ceramic wall tile).
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