WINGITS® Customer Testimonials

Posted by Mike Walters on Facebook.
5 star rating:

At the end of January I used wing its for the first time on some shower bars. I have always put wood blocking in for anything like this in the past. As A Contractor We're held to higher standards then the DIY homeowner. And now that I have used Wing It's, I can save My customers More money By not having to do drywall repairs or tile work. AND save time on the project, it only took me about 30 minutes from start to finish for 2 24 inch bars, this includes getting my gear out of the truck and tarps down.

After I had them put in and the shower bars on I put all my weight on them (and I'm not a little guy) and they held perfectly.

To Wing It Innovations, Thank you for a great product.
To my fellow Contractors, They are an honest product at a fair price.

Posted by Big John on Amazon.
5 star rating:

My mom was in the process of recovering from a hip operation. I needed to install grab bars in her bathroom. The WingIt is a fantastic product. I bought the stainless steel version because I like stainless steel - they also make a plastic version which is significantly less expensive. There was ceramic tile on the wall. I drilled a 1/4" pilot hole to make sure I did not hit the stud (tip I got from the wingit folks. I then drilled an 1 1/4" hole with their apache drill bit. Also avaible on Amazon - went rate through the tile like butter. The wingit comes with waterproof tape - WARNING this is awesome stuff - make sure you have the top and bottom hole lined up on the wingit to the grab bar. Simply install if you follow the instructions.

MAKE SURE YOU ALSO BUY THE WINGIT GRAB BARS. Excellent quality and it is designed to work with the wingit. The top and bottom holes are slotted in the flange - so if you screw up drilling then holes you have addtional play at each end. The first grab bar took me 35 minutes - the second 8 minutes. I am amazed at the strength of the product. Awesome product that allowed me to install 2 grab bars for my mom in under one hour exactly where she needed them in the bath tub. I was so excited about the product I bought 4 more wingits and 2 wingit grab bars and installed them into my fathers shower. He has a one piece fiberglass tub surround. I just popped the wingit into the fiberglass itself - amazing how strong the product is -

Thank You WingIts! Note they also have some really nice grab bars - the platinum bars are really heavy and I love the threaded flange.

Posted by fdalemusicman on Home Depot.
5 star rating:

I purchased these fasteners along with their Apache drill bit to install a grab bar for my elderly next-door neighbors. I thought it would take most of the afternoon to get this done however much to my surprise I was back home in less than 30 minutes. The grab bar completely installed and will never move. I would suggest anyone use these to install a grab bar.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Posted by DIYDaddy on Home Depot.
5 star rating:

I needed to install some grab bars for a friend of mine who recently had surgery and he is a pretty bike boy. We didn't want to tear into the walls to install blocking so we purchased a pair of these grab bar fasteners. Talk about BEAST - all stainless steel and you can tell it was built for a purpose. They were easy to install with their Apache drill bit through ceramic tile. My buddy has no worries about the grab bar coming loose or pulling out. I recommend using these with their grab bars since they are designed specifically for this fastener - easier and faster installation. Great product and highly recommend to everyone.